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  Company Profile
  PROSPECT PRECISE COMPAPNY is a private enterprise registered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Reviewing the history, it has gone through the whole 24 years after stand together through storm and stress. The company, which has already developed into a large-scale enterprise, is specialized in metal industry, covering from the precision mold design and manufacture to metal stamping/ CNC sheet metal parts processing. We have successfully listed NEEQ as a listed company in June 2016. The trademark registration and listing:
  PROSPECT PRECISE COMPANY has a sound management system: in addition to administrative department, marketing department, purchasing/ outsourcing department, quality assurance department and financial department, there are three major sectors to ensure production: mould department, stamping department and sheet metal department. Three major institutions have the capability of independent research and development, design, precision molds and mechanical parts processing; and the production capacity of all kinds of metal parts. In particular, the production capacity and production technology of stamping division and sheet metal division has a comprehensive application in hardware industry processing: such as, the size of parts, the combination of technologies, and the integration of the main advantages in die technology applications. And on the other hand, there are equipped with a full set of subsequent production processes: pressure riveting, tapping, chamfering, welding, grinding, spraying, assembly process and so on. The advantage of undertaking hardware parts is obvious, and we can guarantee large customers in supply chain management as a strategic cooperation.
  PROSPECT PRECISE COMPANY is relatively strong, which has industrial plants (Guangdong and Jiangsu) of independent property rights 120 thousand square meters, land area of 450 acres (there are some undeveloped), and more 800 employees. Our company is stable, experienced, honest, law-abiding, and has normal management, sound rules and regulations. All departments use regular office software: the operating system is genuine window computer system, research and development department uses the international advanced UG, PRO/E, CAD genuine software, and production department adopts Kingdee K3 ERP management software and Japan (Sheetworks/forunfold) professional 3D sheet metal CNC programming software; it also strictly executes ISO/TS16949:2009, ISO9001:2015, and ISO14001:2004 quality management system and environmental management system.
  The teams of our company always adhere to this business purpose: “QUALITY FIRST, SAFETY FIRST, HEAVY CONTACT, KEEPING PROMISES, RESPECT FOR LAW, AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.” Excellent teams, standardized management, sophisticated processing equipments and high-quality customers, give PROSPECT PRECISE COMPANY a rapid development with the annual growth rate of 30%-50%. Following the trend of intelligent manufacturing in2016, our company will invest in intelligent production of automation and date and the production line of efficiency and flexibility, to create higher-quality production. Looking to the future, with the rapid development of industry, China focus on the implementation of 2025manufacturing industry development plan, and promote the transformation of manufacturing technology innovation. PROSPECT PRECISE COMPANY actively responds to the policy, recruits talents to expand investment, and enhances the status in the industry.
  Date: June 9, 2016

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